05 December 2013

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre 'City Hall'

It was about 33°C (91°F) but Santa and Mrs. Clause are still dressed for a cold winter

Coffee shop inside of a former bank vault

Catedral Metropolitana of Porto Alegre

View of the City

Chimarrão is a typical te-like drink found in Southern Brasil, Argentina, and Uruguay (known as mate in Spanish).   It is drunk from a special mug called a cuia and everyone shares the same cup and bomba (straw).  One drinks it until you  hear the 'slurp' sound then refills the cuia and passes it to the next person.  

You could rent bikes for the day. ride all over the city, and return them in another location.  Great way to explore!

Sunset from the Porto Alegre Airport

Porto Alegre from the plane

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