19 December 2013

From One Family to Another

And just like that I'm home.  I can't believe these few months wen by so quickly.  Without a doubt, these people were a grand part of my experience abroad, and it was honor living with each of them.  

Hasta pronto, Chile.  Hasta Pronto.

Back:  Paloma, Montserrat, Paco, Belén
Front:  Gloria, Don Félix, Polly, Gonzalo
Don Félix and Me with the Christmas Tree
All of the cousins!  
Polly with me
Oliver, one of Polly's puppies, bottom left
Back where it all Started.
This is the picture we took the day I left for Chile just a few months ago

1 comment:

  1. hoola, ya te fuiste de Chile?? , comiste pastel de choclo???
    ahh gracias por ayudarnos con inglés

    Soy la Karen, amiga de la Camila S. :D