06 October 2013

Carnaval Mil Tambores

Carnaval Mil Tambores (Carnival of 1000 drums) is an event held each year in Valparaíso as a protest. It began in order to protect public spaces such as parks, plazas, and art areas from city development or destruction.  Today, it serves these purposes as well as fighting for rights of Chile's Indigenous Peoples.  Nothing quite like this exists in the U.S.  Despite what you might think from some of the photos below, it is an event for all ages.  Without a doubt, it is one of the most unique cultural events I have experienced here in Chile. 

View of Concón (on the left) and Viña del Mar (center to the right) from Playa Ancha

Many paint their bodies for the parade through the streets

Dancer from Escuela de Samba Valparaíso (Valparaíso Samba School)

Dancer from Escuela de Samba Valparaísa (Valparaíso Samba School)

Dancer parading for Indigenous peoples' rights

Fire Juggler

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