20 August 2013

Santiago - Day 3

Villa Grimaldi is one many concentration camp of the Pinochet dictatorship 1973-1990.

This site, where today, 
this park is lifted up
It was during 1974-1978
A place where torture, death, and disappearance were practiced like the politics of the State.

The names of each one of their corners
corresponds to testimonies;
the distressed record of some survivors
of the the Ex "Villa Gramaldi"

Each Flower, watered with the tears of yesterday
is a firm purpose from here. Never again!

Never again in Chile!

All of us were going to be queens.

Cerro Santa Lucia

Me doing a Traditional Chilean Dance

The View from Cerro Santa Lucia

View from Cerro San Cristobal - the tallest hill in Santiago 

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