24 August 2013

Los Andes

Yesterday, I got up around 3:30am to meet with some friends and ski the Andes.  These mountains are HUGE.  They seem to go on forever.  Ski Portillo is about 3 hours or so from where I live in Chile.  It's crazy to me that when I woke up, I walked by the beach to meet with the group, spent a day skiing in the mountains with tons of snow and then returned to the beach all in one day!

This is a Slope map of the ski resort.  The tall mountain on the right side of the map is in Argentina and is named Aconcagua which is the tallest mountain in the Andes and the Americas (22,841 feet). 

To give you a frame of reference for this photo, the orange sign is just over 6 feet tall.

The sunset over the Andes during the drive back home.  

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